Social Media Marketing Survey


I found the link to this Jos. Jaffe survey on Conversational Marketing via Strumpette. It’s worth looking at, even completing.

“Purpose of the survey:
To assess the awareness and knowledge of senior marketers of conversational marketing and their priorities for including it in their marketing and communications strategies and measurement.Introduction:
New communications tools are changing the relationships between organizations, consumers, and employees. They’ve enabled the creation of virtual markets and new relationships between individuals and brands. Some organizations are initiating and participating in conversations with their customers, employees, partners and industries.

This is referred to in this survey as conversational marketing.”

Digital Influence Mapping Project: Hong Kong Bloggers

Digital Influence Mapping Project: Hong Kong Bloggers Pt 1

Ogilvy PR’s John Bell is doing the China thing and blogging some interesting stuff about Chinese blogs. One interesting point is that Hong Kong bloggers sometimes run a mirror inside of the Great Firewall to insure uninterrupted readership within mainland China. Bell writes about the difficulty of identifying influential blogs through western measures such as Technorati. Good stuff.

“We are holding an Asia Pacific regional meeting of our Digital Influence team in the region. This is super-exciting due to the caliber of folks in the region. And the meetings are a lot more fun than they sound. We shared our videos from BlogHer and Vloggercon, as well as our really comprehensive approach to digital influence with each other. There are tremendous insights from each region.”

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