Skype spam

This just popped up in my Skype chat. This is a first — instant message spam with a twist on the usual 419 Scam — instead of money stuck in Nigeria this is about tsunami victims and the added novelty of customizing the name of the deceased with my last name.
“Dear David Churbuck,

My name is Clifford Benson, an attorney based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A deceased client of mine, by name Mr. Alfred Churbuck, who were in after shall be referred to as my client died together with his family in December 24-2004 as a result of the Tsunami Disaster.

I have contacted you to assist me in claiming the money left behind by my late client before it is confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where this deposit valued at $6.5 million United States dollars was lodged.

The bank has issued me a last notice to contact the next of kin, or the money will be confiscated and his account closed. My proposition to you is to seek your consent to present you as my late clients next of kin and beneficiary of the funds, since you have the same last name, so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you in your country. Then we can share the amount on a mutually agreed percentage.

All legal documents to back up this claim as my real late client’s next-of-kin will be provided. All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction through and transparency during process.

The process and transfer will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you and myself from any breach of the law.
I must use this opportunity to
implore you to exercise the utmost indulgence to keep this matter extraordinary confidential, whatever your decision, while I await your prompt response.Please contact me at once to indicate your interest. I will like you to acknowledge the receipt of this e-mail as soon as possible via email this transaction will be treated private with absolute confidentiality and sincerity.

Please contact me at once to indicate your interest via email giving me your contact number for faster communication.When i get your reply, i will send you a detailed explaination and my full contact information.
However if this business proposal offends your moral values,do accept my apology.

Best regards,

Clifford Benson, Esq .

The Vomit Comet

Tom Wolfe, in The Right Stuff, disclosed the astronaut nickname for the converted cargo plane the Air Forces uses to induce temporary weightlessness for the training of astronauts.

I rode in one last night courtesy of JetBlue.

On the approach into Boston, into 40 mph howling arctic winds, the Embrauer was … very interesting. So interesting that I started to wonder how many times you can flex the wings of a plane before they tear off. I tightened down my belt, noted the reassuring presence of the barf bag in the seat pocket, closed my eyes and went into full Swami mode, meditating through the weightlessness and re-swallowing my stomach contents about ten times. Yummy.

Those who have fished with me know that I am usually the first to get seasick, but that I instantly recover, rally, and am fine for the rest of the trip. The art of seasickness is getting it over with quick, staying above decks with an eye on the horizon, and swigging ginger ale. Airplane rides are not so easy. Open up the air jet full blast, try to find the horizon out the window, and practice deep breathing

I have yet to use the doggy bag and am determined not to.

When I finally got off the plane and staggered through the terminal, I thought of getting it over with, but no, hung on.

This morning I still feel nauseous. Maybe it’s a flu. I dunno.

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