tecosystems » Not Done With JetBlue

tecosystems » Not Done With JetBlue

Stephen O’Grady at Redmonk writes about his continued allegiance to JetBlue. I too am unswayed in my happiness with the airline, but as Stephen says, I wasn’t on an airplane for eight hours on the Kennedy tarmac.

“Speaking of JetBlue, a couple of folks have pinged me to see if my opinion of the airline – I’m a longtime fan – has changed in the aftermath of this ice-storm precipitated disaster. The answer is pretty much no. It’s easier for me to say that, of course, because I wasn’t trapped on a plane at JFK for nine hours, but ultimately the reasons that I fly JetBlue – as opposed to, say, United – haven’t changed. Yet, anyway.”

My wife and son flew to Fort Lauderdale yesterday morning out of Logan, and said the airport, even at 6 am, was still a bit chaotic in the aftermath of last week’s weather-induced travel cancellations. I guess it was truly a perfect storm coming right before a major school vacation. As I posted earlier about the “vomit comet,” the scene at Logan on Thursday night was pretty bad. I am happy not be flying until Thursday evening.

Chewing a ball of aluminum foil

GottaBeMobile.com – Another “Oh-No!!!” moment for the Lenovo X60 Tablet – Your Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC news source

Why is it that when I read about some poor soul dropping their notebook I immediately cringe and feel a pit develop in my stomach? This came up in my morning scan from Gottabemobile.com:

“While hanging out (in bed) this past Saturday morning, checking out the latest posts at my favorite tablet PC and UMPC news source, GottaBeMobile.com, it happened again. Yes, to the very same Lenovo X60 tablet. I was enjoying my coffee in bed, checking out the latest news/posts and answering a few emails when the phone rang. Just like I have done soooooo many times, I carefully put the coffee down, and reached over to my wife’s side of the bed for the phone; that’s when it happened. A quick scuffing sound, and then BBLLLAAAAMMMM! The X60 slid off the lapdesk and onto the floor from about 3 or so feet. From the sound of it, I just knew I had just ripped off the display, and destroyed not one, but two hard drives. I was so preoccupied with the crash, I can’t even remember who called or if I even answered the phone.”

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