The Daily Erg – Rowing Science

The Daily Erg – Rowing Science
Rowing Blogs – Weekend Reading Anyone?

“Technorati … lists 168 blogs with rowing as one of their topics! Of course not many of those have rowing as their main topic. Here are a few of the blogs that I have had the pleasure of reading over the past six months or so. If you have a chance please take a look at the work of other rowing bloggers”

Rowing Science has a list of rowing blogs I need to check out.

Okay — no erg today for me as I am in NYC and not staying at a hotel with an ergometer. Concept2 used to provide an “erg-finder” database, but it’s always a pain to locate, and I need to the location. I did get a ping from Jeff Wagner at offering to help me with a WordPress plug-in to send my scores to his service: “If you get those scores into we’ll develop a WordPress plug-in to make you Erg Blogging a lot easier.”
Jeff — I’d be into it. WordPress is the center of my online life these days.

The plan for the forthcoming week of erg is to let my neck and shoulder muscles recover from week one, then get back on it on Saturday with another 5,000 meter piece (5K is a good piece as it lines up with the regular testing interval used by coaches of 20 minutes, and is a close approximation of a head race, ie The Head of the Charles. It’s long enough to hurt, but short enough not to be boring.).

The plan is to build up from 5K to 30 minutes to 10k to 60 minute at a low (18-22 stroke per minute ((SPM)) pace and a low heart-rate, say 120 beats per minute (bpm) or less so I can start burning fat. A tedious month of that, mixed in with on-the-water rowing commencing the weekend after next on my annual return to the water date of St. Patrick’s Day, and I may be able to consider some mid-spring racing at Narragansett Boat Club or the Charles.

Location Context « Cheaper than therapy

Location Context « Cheaper than therapy

“Location is one of the most basic yet important discoveries man has ever strived to make.”

Benjamin Lipman makes a strong case for why GPS-enabled electronics represent the next phase of consumer electronics. I agree, having regrets over getting the non-GPS BlackBerry Pearl, and having used the Garmin StreetPilot C330 that Ben advocates (and gave to me as a gift) last weekend to explore the Westport, Mass. area — an adventure that would have been impossible without the device.

Location-aware applications could be huge, with initial impact and experiments coming from “friend-finder” models, as well as “what’s your Twenty, Big-Buddy” questions, as Ben points out: “where r u?”

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