Buzzlogic in Fortune

BuzzLogic — the pretty awesome blog tracking/mapping/influence measurement tool that was started by my buddy Mitch Ratcliffe — has some great press in the current issue of Fortune (most admired companies). I’d like to link it, but I can’t find it on Your’s truly is mentioned — thanks to Krista Summitt for pointing that out.

The company is bringing its product out of beta soon. We’ve been testers for over a year, and have used it to help identify customers with problems. The Fortune article recounts the first effort in our so-called Proactive Support program when I used BL to identify that Rick Klau at Feedburner had a dead ThinkPad. We fixed him. He thanked us. The rest is history.

It is very weird and almost traitorous to see my name in Fortune after 13 years at the other business magazine that begins with F…O…R…

Erg blogging — Saturday 5K and small improvements

Today is the sixth row since getting back on the erg following 120 days of recovery from a trashed sacroilliac performed while sculling in early November. Easy-does-it is the rule for the first week — with the usual sore shoulder and back muscles as my body gets back into the unique cycle of rowing.

Yesterday was a rest day — NYC and travel — so coming off the rest I was a lot faster and set my personal best for the week, 20 minutes, 20 seconds for the 5,000 meter segment, averaging 2:01 minutes per 500 meter split. Not bad for week one, and a four second split improvement from my 2:05 on day one. Keep in mind that in full shape I am generally cruising in the 1:45-1:55 range (think of splits as the basis “mile per hour” measure in indoor rowing.
I do a 500 meter warm up at a very easy pace, loosening up for the most part. The 5,000 is when I turn on the iPod and crank at a loping 24 stroke per minute pace, focusing on length, a long recovery (the return part of the stroke) and a solid drive, taking great pains to focus on posture and back alignment. I program the RowPro to keep me in a 25 spm band, and a 150 heart beat per minute band, that generally sees me peak around 170-180 bpm during the final sprint.
Feels good to be back on the wheel of pain.

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