1st Day on the Water 2007

Yesterday broke the back of winter (knock on wood), so I put the boat battery on the trickle charger, bought six gallons of high-test, hitched the trailer to the car, put on my waders, and launched the Tashmoo with crossed fingers. Fisher and I paddled it out to Bob Jensen’s mooring barge, tied up, and got ready to crank the motor over for the first time since November.

First try and we were in business! A Churbuck first! I let the motor idle for five minutes, varying the throttle to clean out the carburetors, then off we went for a fast blast at full throttle through a few acres of crackling skim ice in the cove. A full-speed boat jaunt in early March is an excellent demonstration of the concept of wind chill.

We tied up to the town dock and walked to the house to rouse the rest of the family into putting on boots, locating the camera, and donning windbreakers.

We circumperambulated Dead Neck. The dogs had fun and everyone got a little tanned. Home for the extra hour of daylight, dog baths, a fast dinner, then a trip to the movies for “The 300” (which was gory and over the top).

Whereabouts this week:

3.12 – Cotuit-Vegas

3.13 – Vegas, Community 2.0 conference

3.14 – Vegas-Cotuit

3.15-18 – Cotuit

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. My boat is perfect. Anything else is a hole in the water for throwing dollar bills into. That boat was paid for in 1994 — the engine is seven years old. And aside from a little maintainance and gas — it’s free

  2. Good for you. I too bask in having no boat or outboard payments and my boat’s size is just right when it comes to telling fishing leeches “that’s there’s not enough room, besides, my boat doesn’t habe seats!”

    An English lady friend/wife of best friend once said” well where can i lay out and tan?” I said ” the beach, my boat isn’t a royal barge and lacks seats.”

    Meow for now.


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