Coreperform Concept2 Seat adapter

Coreperform Concept2 Seat adapter

Xeno Mueller is promoting an interesting upgrade for Concept2 ergs that makes the seat yaw and roll, mimicking the set-up physics of an actual shell. This would be great for developing core strength, but I cannot believe the shipping is nearly as much as the product.

“CP1 is a stability adjustable rowing seat attachment designed for Concept 2 “C” and “D” model ergometers that attaches underneath the Concept 2 factory seat.

The first ever adjustable stability seat, CP1 is designed to optimize athletes’ ergometer training by incorporating the multi-planar movements that challenge athletes during (on the water) rowing.”

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. Hello from Olympia, WA.
    I saw your reference to the Core Perform seat adaptor. I’ve been aware of these probably shortly after there was mention on Row2k. I was moved to buy one a couple of weeks ago. It is now installed on my Model D (which sits on slides). It works really well. This from a life-long sculler who got his start in RI in 1968. I’d rather be on the water, but this set-up is not bad!

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