Design standards — gas caps

I pulled into the Mobil station on Aviation Boulevard this afternoon to top off the tank on my rental car (and spare myself the $8.86 per gallon gouging by the rental agency). I did what I always do when I arrive at the gas station. I stopped by the tire inflator, got out, looked for which side the gas cap was on, and then pulled up to the pump for the fill up. I kicked myself for not checking before I climbed into the car, but hey, good intentions never go remembered, and as I watched, another guy pulled into, to the same spot by the air hose, got out, looked, and then climbed back in to pull up on the appropriate side.

Why can’t the auto industry come up with a simple indicator on the dashboard to denote which side the gas cap is on? My buddy Lincoln Jackson had a rule of thumb that whichever side of the dashboard the gauge was on, so would be the gas cap.


Massive blog fart

Akismet burped and 333 pieces of spam clogged up the befukticator, causing the defraginator to fart, rendering dead in the water for most of the day.

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