Erg Blogging for 05-29-2007

Date: 05-29-2007
Distance: 7010 meters
Time: 30:00.00
Split: 2:08.39
Comments: Long, low and slow. Trying to keep my heartrate down below 130 bpm to focus my efforts on fat burning. The rule of thumb in heart rate monitoring is that fat burns under 50% of one’s maximum theoretical heart rate (220-age=max hr) which in my case is a ridiculous 85 bpm. I try to go at a pace that would allow me to carry a conversation without wheezing and sub 130 bpm does that.

Happy days

My daughter graduated from Brooks yesterday. I think her face says it all.

Jeff Young profile: Poised to Prosper

Sacticket Front – Media savvy: Poised to Prosper

Former PCWeek and Forbes colleague Jeff Young gets profiled in the Sacramento Bee today:

“Around the office, they called him “The Man From Rescue.” It was as if he were some mythic figure, a John Wayne-type astride a white steed, ready to come down from the El Dorado County hills to heal the sick, save the crops and bring peace and prosperity to the townfolk.

“Or, at the very least, to have him retool the magazine they work for.

“Management at Prosper magazine, the 2-year-old business monthly, had looked long and hard for a new editor last fall. They had done a national search in all the usual places, winnowed candidates, pored over resumes, and still hadn’t found the right leader. But the one place managing editor Michelle Margetts had failed to look was in Rescue, the hamlet tucked away in the foothills.

“Fortunately, “The Man From Rescue” — as Margetts affectionately dubbed Jeffrey S. Young — happened to be surfing Craigslist one day last fall and read a job posting that intrigued him. In the time it took to click and drag an e-mail attachment, his résumé landed in the inbox at Prosper’s midtown Sacramento office.”

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