Google Gears — now I can read the blogs on the plane

Anyone who wants to catch up on unread blog feeds during a flight have been pretty much SOL. My method was to open up Firefox tabs and open the feed for a big stream such as Engadget, and another tab for Gizmodo, and so on. Then, when on the plane, I could read the feed, but only those that I had opened.

Today I noticed a new icon on my Google Reader (I’ve been a Google Reader user for more than six months after years of faithful Bloglines use). It downloaded “Google Gears” which in turn makes offline reading of all my feeds possible. This is big. This is good.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. I found the problem with Google Reader that it does not update regularly. Since it is not a local machine app you have to rely on Google to truly update the feed. Some readers (I use GreatNews from Curio) allows you to select how often to update the feeds with the shortest time being 15 minutes. When I say “Update All” I am sure that all the feeds are truly up to date.

    So when you update your Google Reader, is it really up to date?

  2. I guess you’re not too fond to Feedreader or Akagregattor? I find the second one “lovely”, but I need to be on one of the Linux boxes to use it; regrettably I don’t spend as much time on Linux as I would like.

    I will give this a try. Most definitely.

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