If I told you I’d have to kill you …

…and so my brother the former Green Beret/Delta Force man would start one story after another after splitting a bottle of scotch. I quote him as I realize I haven’t been exactly loquacious lately about interactive marketing and mostly because the stuff I am working on is too proprietary to share at large. Weird, I thought if anything I’d develop a case of overly-loose lips, but instead I’m starting to clam.

So, tomorrow expect a post about squid fishing and not behavioral target or campaign dashboards. Terrible stuff to talk about over a sunny spring weekend anyway.

ErgScores.com is a good tool for erg blogging

ErgScores.com | Welcome

I’ve started to get into this interesting site for tracking and mapping ergometer scores. What’s most impressive is the guy behind the site, Jeff Wagner, redefines great blog marketing. He detected I was erg blogging, invited me to check out Ergscores.com, then … and this is cool, wrote a widget that permits me to auto-publish my scores from the site to this blog every day, and a gadget for iGoogle.
What is ErgScores.com?

ErgScores.com is a free online indoor rowing management application. With ErgScores.com you can:

* New! Daily Erg Blogging
* New! Team Accounts
* Classifieds. Search for rowing equipment from classifieds across the web.
* My Community mashup of rowers by distance.
* Calendar support for scores and workouts
* Support for Google Gadgets
* Create and manage goals
* Manage your erg scores, daily workouts and graph your progress over time
* Export your scores into a variety of formats for sharing with others
* Team data management with graphs, reports and lineup comparison for coaches
* Access your scores from anywhere
* High School rowers can release scores to college coaches
* ….more features are being added daily. Comments welcome

Here’s what Jeff wrote me recently as an example of total mash-up passion:

The biggest obstacle is getting the data into ErgScores.com.  I have not used RowPerfect, but I believe they have an auto-sync method that uploads the data directly to C2.  Unfortunately, C2 has no public APIs for their log book (that I know of anyway). So you would have to input your data into ErgScores.com directly.  Perhaps, I could make data entry easier for you by writing a Google Desktop widget for data entry or something of that nature.

Let me know what you think.

FYI: I book marked that erg finder you were looking for this morning for you ( http://del.icio.us/jwagner/for:dchurbuck). I’d love to mash that up as well..”

Design standards — gas caps

I pulled into the Mobil station on Aviation Boulevard this afternoon to top off the tank on my rental car (and spare myself the $8.86 per gallon gouging by the rental agency). I did what I always do when I arrive at the gas station. I stopped by the tire inflator, got out, looked for which side the gas cap was on, and then pulled up to the pump for the fill up. I kicked myself for not checking before I climbed into the car, but hey, good intentions never go remembered, and as I watched, another guy pulled into, to the same spot by the air hose, got out, looked, and then climbed back in to pull up on the appropriate side.

Why can’t the auto industry come up with a simple indicator on the dashboard to denote which side the gas cap is on? My buddy Lincoln Jackson had a rule of thumb that whichever side of the dashboard the gauge was on, so would be the gas cap.


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