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Thanks to son Eliot, I’ve been listening to math rock band, Battles. Very good ergometer music, so I downloaded their album — Mirrored — from iTunes and just pulled one of the better erg pieces of the spring. This is a highly demented band — psychedelic Alvin & the Chipmunks.

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  1. Great music for pulling up to Everingham Brothers bait barge in San Diego Harbor, tying off on one cleat an ordering a four-pass half scoop from the youngest Evringham brother, the 86 year old, and then tipping him two bucks.

    Arh Matey and avast ye sardines!,

  2. I listened (and watched) cause I wanted to laugh at dad gloming on to son’s music and then….I became entranced. This is intoxicating – in a good way.

  3. Nice discovery! Sort of reminds me of Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii (heavy drums, guitarist playing with delay…). Long tail is probably the most refreshing thing that can happen to music now. I’m sick and tired of plastic, producer-tailored, empty, vane and shallow music.

    I was wondering if you don’t alter your rowing tempo to fit that of the music you hear while erging… and if it affects your performance.

  4. Esteban,
    some sports physiologist should do a study of how music, specifically certain syncopations, affect aerobic performance. I find there is a specific beat that matches the 25-28 stroke per minute cadence of rowing, with its four-phase stroke. Given the right music I can easily see, on the monitor, a sustained 10% gain in wattage.

    These guys, Battles, are a neat find. Nice to have a 20 year old in the house to make these recommendations.

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