A pyramid scheme proposal

Background: Lenovo has a limited edition, 15th Anniversary product called the ThinkPad Reserve Edition. It’s a good looking, $5,000 ultraportable notebook wrapped in nice leather. It also comes with a white-glove service plan that the Fake Steve Jobs said included ninjas jumping out of helicopters (it doesn’t).

I personally can’t afford a TPRE, but I have been given 20 access codes so the right people can reserve one when they go on sale later this summer. There’s an internal competition for bragging rights to see which person inside the company can build the biggest network through the “refer a friend” function at thinkpadreserve.com

Now, as the only exec at Lenovo with a blog, and being the dude concerned with word of mouth, and viral, and the usual Marketing Jedi Mind Tricks, I have some serious reputation at stake here.

So, here’s the challenge. Help me figure out how to disperse my 20 passcodes so they go forth and multiply into an immense network of potential ThinkPad Reserve Edition buyers.

I am considering:

  1. A blog competition (prize to be determined)
  2. Auctioning the codes on eBay the way some people auctioned GMail invites
  3. Taking my codes to my old private banking buddies in Zurich and Geneva and proposing they give TPRE’s to clients.

Any other bright ideas? If you want a code, ping me.

[update 6.22] Uncle Fester ridiculed the eBay notion, so I ended that auction early, especially when he compared my stupidity to the evil CueCat. Aunt Esther suggests a celebrity auction … me, I want to sell all 5,000 ASAP like the time I sold more fudge than anyone else in Pack 52 of the Georgetown, MA Cub Scouts and won the blue Boys Scouts of America pen and pencil set]

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. You could have a grovelling competition. Whoever grovels to you most sincerely gets the code.

    I’d say if someone were willing to grovel, they would really want it. I’d like to have code for example, but I’m not willing to grovel for it because I don’t it *that* badly.

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