Jesus Phone Stumbles « Cheaper than therapy

Jesus Phone Stumbles « Cheaper than therapy

Benjamin Lipman on the iPhone activation process. Money quote:

“Discerning the truth from the fiction is always a fun game with phone reps. Mine was very pleasant, especially for someone who has undoubtly been answering the same questions all day. He claims Apple is 100% in charge of activation and transferred me to an Apple number dedicated to iPhone whose weary rep told me that activations may “take 24-48 hours right now due to overwhelming demand.”

Excuse me? First impressions are everything and demand is only overwhelming if it is unexpected. Apple expected high demand. Heck, Apple created that high demand with one of the most brilliant marketing strategies in recent years. To not have the activation system robust enough to handle millions of concurrent activations quickly is beyond stupid and so, well, un-Apple. Strike 1.”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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