My iPod, he dead

Nano — purchased the day of the announcement in the spring of 2005. The black sucker that scratched. Totally abused as my primary ergometer tunes device and geek podcaster.

Dead. Not a peep. Time to reinvest in another one. Grrrr. Bad sunspots today. All Churbuckian devices are befukticated. Must be the stupid fast. Keep me away from sharp objects.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. David…I would add a iPod Shuffle to the mix..1 GB of flash memory in an ultralight clip-on design that is great for running, rowing, biking etc…holds about 250 songs and because there are no moving parts, should take a beating pretty well…I just cursed mine didn’t I!

  2. My kids haven’t managed to kill the shuffle yet.

    The problem is you don’t have the ability to go right to “that song.” You get your tunes exactly in the order you loaded them, or exactly as Steve J. thinks you should hear them.

    I of course left my 80 gig vid Ipod at a friends house Sat. night, which means I’ve now got to run out there (a 45 min door to door jaunt) before I go to DC next week.

  3. Sony Ericsson has the W810i that not only does a great job as a cell phone, video comera, still camers, etc. – it is an MP3 player that you can goose up to 4 Gig of storage. One device that does it all. Not quite an i-phone, but pretty close.

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