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  1. I’ve been on the receiving end of the Haka several times & have to say that it inspires both teams in addition to honoring Mauri culture There have been several incidents during international rugby matches where respect wasn’t shown during the performance & this tactic usually backfires. Most recently, in the current World Cup, the Italians ignored the pregame dance & paid the price, giving up 96 relentless points in the 80 minute test.I always felt the Kiwis were honoring us, making us feel worthy to spill a little blood with them!

  2. Socccer Hooligans from the Southern Hemisphere. Ungowah!

    Where’s Doctor Reynolds and Rama of the Jungle when they’re needed. Oh that’s right, they’re rooting for Manchester United!

    thanks Dave!


  3. Mr Churbuck:

    You and Mr Bumarch appear to have both gone out of your way to purposefully ignore my e-mails. I have no doubt that you will promptly censor this post from your blog, as to call you out on your apparent lack of concern for a customer is no doubt a poor reflection on yourself; I’m confident however that you will at least take a moment to read this over before deleting it.

    Thus far it appears that Lenovo has taken the position that if they completely ignore the issue surrounding the ‘disappearance’ of my laptop, then perhaps I’ll just go away.

    A letter to the CEO of Lenovo via snail mail & fax is already in the works, and should that garner no response, I have sincere plans to start up full fledged website & forum detailing my ordeal and encouraging others to come forward with any negative experiences they have had with Lenovo. (In doing so, perhaps the higher ups @ Lenovo will realize that spending a little more money paying and properly training their customer service reps would be a far better business/marketing decision for them in the long run)

    Should I have to go so far as to setup a website dedicated to Lenovo customer service horror stories, I’ll be monetizing it via Google Adsense and although it may take awhile, I’m certain the revenues from it will eventually reach the amount of money Lenovo stole from me.

    So as far as I’m concerned, Lenovo is going to pay me back one way or another, either through adsense money generated via negative publicity, or of their own accord.

    Personally, this is a huge matter of principle at this point, and I really wish that Lenovo could get their customer service act together, as despite all I’ve been through, I still really do love Thinkpads. (Lenovo however is another story altogether.)

    I much preferred being a Thinkpad evangelist than a critic – but Lenovo is sadly mistaken if they think I’m just going to let this slide, and that they can weasel out of even acknowledging a problem exists by simply ignoring me.

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