Elmer Fudd and Google

So I was trying to get to my iGoogle portal page and instead of typing http://www.google.com/ig  I made a typo and put in http://www.google.com/ug

That resulted in my going to a page in “Uyghurche” which I assume is some Balkanish-Asia Minory-weirdness which I cannot understand.

So, I tried to change my default back to the US version, but learned that I had another option.

Elmer Fudd

So, if your pweferwences are seawching in the wanguage of Fudd, check it out.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Elmer Fudd and Google”

  1. Very funny. Now to set a few of my colleques machines to this, Klingon or Bork bork bork (which I assume is the Swedish chef from the muppets)

  2. I’m a little disappointed it didn’t bring up search results for “wabbit” when I plugged in “rabbit”. 🙁

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