Bubblewatch: The Industry Standard Is Coming Back

Bubblewatch: The Industry Standard Is Coming Back – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog
Brad Stone at the Times blogs about the Industry Standard rising from the grave at IDG. I’d love to hear a candid take from the veterans of those days, but I don’t know about the predictive market thing. Never bought into that model, saw it at the MIT Technology Review and it never engaged me. Wonder if it revives into print as well as online.

“As if we needed any more evidence that the bubble is back in Silicon Valley, technology media company IDG plans to revive that hallmark publication of the dot.com era, the Industry Standard. (See previous reports of the revival here and here.)”I hear that IDG has hired San Francisco PR firm Porter Novelli to assist with the hunt for an editor-in-chief. Solicitations to interview for the job, along with the requisite non-disclosure agreement, are currently going out to Bay Area journalists with a technology background.”

Invite form here. 

thanks for Tom Hayes for the pointer

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  1. Oh GOd, not another 42 million dollar loss for IDG. I told someone who claims to be a co-founder of a big name wealth and fame magazine’s web site about the job. he wondered “how in earth” could they launch without an editor-in-chief?” I said because most EIC’s are cost , not profit centers, and that real reporters produce content and never ever wear “pancake” make up.
    I’m so bad.


    Hopefully the resurrection of the Standard will bring back the Battelle Watch blog, which is pee-in-your-Pants funny.

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