Twitter’s Saddest Application Yet — The Suicide Note

The Global Sympathetic Audience – New York Times

Sorry, I shouldn’t jest at the expense of people who are considering Kevorkianizing themselves, but the saddest thought of all is leaving behind a note on … Twitter. Right there, among the twitter stream of “getting a sandwich”/”eating the sandwich”/”belching up the sandwich”/”where’s the bathroom so I can get rid of the sandwich?” comes, “Goodbye Cruel World.”

Not exactly carved in granite, but for some, it will have to do.

“Mr. Starr, who was driving around near his hometown, wrote in Twitter’s characteristic staccato, stream-of-consciousness style about picking up some chicken wings and getting a new haircut. Then his postings took a darker turn.

At 6:02, he sent out a note about a nearby bridge: “Maybe I should jump from it?”

At 8:17, bemoaning his lack of close friends, he speculated about being the first “Twitter suicide.”

At 9:39, there was a final note: “Alright this is it. Parked my car. I wish everyone who ever was nice to me well. See you in the next life.””

Mr. Starr did not jump off the bridge, but was found asleep in his car by police.

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