Free word of mouth marketing idea for Concept2

I have sold dozens of Concept 2 ergometers over the past 15 years. Best rowing machine in the world, will deliver more exercise bang for the buck than any other piece of gym equipment, and actually have a competitive sport associated with it: indoor rowing.

The problem is when I’m on the road I need to find one of the machines. Luckily Concept2 has a database of ergs that helps me identify hotels and gyms that have one. The problem is when I get there I usually find a machine that is unmaintained, beaten to death, the electronic monitor is dead, etc.. The biggest problem, especially with health clubs, is that they never upgrade the machines, and at $900, it is definitely not the most expensive piece of iron on the premises.

So here’s my suggestion — give users like me stickers to apply to the erg — with a suggestion that the erg needs a makeover, and include Concept 2’s 800 number. I hate the ergs I run across (Gold’s Gym is a veritable erg museum) and wish I could do something other than tell an uncomprehending employee at the front desk that they need to upgrade from a Model B to a Model D.

Anything to activate one’s promoters — e.g. people like me, people who hangout at — is probably the biggest bang for the buck a marketer can deploy.

Give me a roll of stickers and I will be sure to stick them in my gym bag.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Here, here! That makes two of us.

    It took me a year and a half to convince my gym, Latitude in Salisbury, MA, to upgrade their ergs. Now they have two shiny new onces that work like a charm.

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