Someone shoot me, please : PC rebuild is heading south

Blogging this from the Fujitsu running Ubuntu while the ThinkPad is being rebuilt from the ground up. I used Rescue & Recovery to create the product restore discs, and on first pass things went beautifully, the machine asking for one CD after another. I loaded the fifth, and last, let it get eaten by the machine and then the prompt I didn’t want to see popped up.

“Insert Product Recovery Disc 6 into Drive D:”

Um, there are only five discs, at least that’s how many were produced when I made the discs. Pray for me. I am attempting it a second time but am so bummed out by the whole ordeal that I may just hang it up, drag the mess to RTP and start from the beginning with a new machine. Operating without formal IT support just sucks.

Then again, this may be the sign from the heavens to go Ubuntu and never look back.

update: yup, I’m boned. only solution is to go buy a copy of XP knowing full well I’ll never find tablet edition at retail.

update2: I blue buttoned and restored from an external drive, but am back to my indigestion state. Will create another set of recovery discs later today and try try again.

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