Direct to DVD is now Direct to Web

Fester is the media economist and will have smarter things to say about this news, but the decision to launch Jackass 2.5 direct to web, with an ad version as well as an iTunes download play — I think is very cool and a major wrench in the works for the distributors who just had their legs cut out from beneath them.

Gotta love the money quote:

““There’s more vomiting, nudity and defecation,” one executive said, speaking more candidly than the companies involved had agreed to and on condition of anonymity. “The stuff that consumers really want.””

Why isn’t there a switch to turn off every phone in the house?

Trying to do an hour long call and a person near and dear to me decides it is time to impart important news over the phone. Call waiting kicks in on the cell phone. Always annoying. I hit ignore and 10 seconds later the home phone kicks in. This is one of those wireless base station set ups with four handsets floating around the house (and never one around when you need it).

I put the cellphone on mute, answer the home phone to shut it up, and hiss “I am on an important call. I will call you back.” I hang up on the person (my wife). She calls back. The house starts ringing like the belfry of Notre Dame at noon on Sunday. Blood pressure gets to aneurysm levels. I answer and hang up in one quick sequence of button pushing.

It rings again.

I need a master cut off switch, a big throw switch like in a Frankenstein movie, something I can heave amidst a big ball of sparks when I want to be alone ……

Now I have to mend fences with the wife or face divorce court for scroogish behavior.

Doing a call with Corante this afternoon

Sorry for late notice, but on a teleconference with Francois Gossieux and SAP’s Mike Prosceno for the next hour (1 to 2 EST)

1-605-475-8590, Conference Room Number is : 5785861
Topic is “view from the trenches”

Blog format is weird

No, I have installed the 1995 Hypermail BBS theme on top of WordPress. Something hiccupped somewhere and now I can’t see (you may be able to see) the blog in anything other than HTML 1.0 formatting. Oh well, too slammed to go root around in the CSS I can’t understand.

more posts later. snowstorm on the way — I guess Cape Cod’s farewell to the storm that messed up the midwest. No snow days for the work-at-home.

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