A new toy to keep my mind expanding

Thanks to Google for the neat gadget gift, a Flip Video camera — a $150 palm-sized device with a switchblade-USB jack that ports right into the old ThinkPad and wizards up a little video clip to YouTube in about 30 seconds flat. Dang. This baby gets a place of honor in the Churbuck backpack, gonna make me the next LonelyGirl.

Example of my cinematography (360 panorama of the NC office) is here. Thanks Google.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “A new toy to keep my mind expanding”

  1. Wait till you see some beta software I’m gonna get directed you way. it give great purpose to Web cams and offers one-click simplicity. It’s bound to be a hit at the family manse, “Morningwood.”


  2. Wow — that’s impressive. 56 hits on youtube for a video of an office at night, with no voiceover, no histrionics, no begging to lay off of Brittney … you’re a star! Can’t wait for the next Churbuck production.

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