Festivus break resolutions

1. Get really good at Guitar Hero III — highly unlikely given my children seem to have majored in it at college and I have finger cramps and the sense of rhythm associated with lower life forms, like coral and moss.
2. Read a book a day.  Simple Courage. Decent drama-at-sea tale spoiled by authorial interjections and pedantic etymology digressions. The Enduring Shore lightweight history of Cape Cod and the Island, too early to tell. Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy, on deck for tomorrow. After that …. who knows.

3. Erg every day. Except for Xmas and Xmas eve. Not easy with Holiday Challenge incentive past but UBC still before me.

4. Putter. I personify the verb. Move aimlessly but with great industry from one room to another fiddling and fixing stuff.

5. Procrastinate over end-of-year finances.

6. Don’t dwell on the tidal wave of work stuff looming over my head.

7. Make blog lists until New Year’s Eve.

8. Finish off clams dug on Saturday while they are still alive.

9. Go ride car to Rhode Island to sight-see, buy bronze skeg strip for dinghy, eat lunch

10. finish transferring life to new tablet

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Retirement lists:
    Don’t blog about secret wild trout fishing places on East Fork, unless you want to get the district ranger really pissed off.

    Never ever do this evening what you can put off until tomorrow morning– hence the three empty huge storage pods in my driveway that need to be filled so the remodel can begin.

    Don’t eat green furry clams.

    Don’t watch Jet Li or Bruce Lee Movies.

    Get some early Doobies and Jam along with Tommy Johnston or Pat Simmons before they were corrupted by the evil Michael MCMuffin (I spit on his name).

    Build a new fly rod to replace my $8 dollar swap meet special that is cracking.

    Buy new garden osues that don’t kink up.

    Go to Rosarita Beach in Baja and buy daughter a new western saddle for Maynard, the six-foot five inch flying tank. Pay $300 for new saddle and get free bomber jacket from saddle maker.

    Aim skyrockets shot from PVC tubing at stalking coyotes across field. Watch coyote’s eyes get cartoon big as sky rocket approaches and flashes over head. Laugh like a drooling copy editor when coyote realizes he’s just taken a shot from nearby aerial rocket artillery battery and leaps over neighbor with pitbulls fences.

    you make me laugh


  2. I think if I can hack together Guitar Hero IV: High School Musical Edition, I’ll never have to give my daughter another present.

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