“You are such an utter geek …”

… so said my daughter, upon discovering me in the kitchen yesterday watching the Deadliest Catch marathon on my son’s Z60 via the newly configured Slingbox service which took the better part of an afternoon to set up and wire into a spare satellite DVR. (some guys watch hours of Bowl games; me, I watch hours of commercial crab fishermen)

Slingbox, for the uninformed, is a $129-or-so dee-vice that connects to one’s television and makes the signal available anywhere on the InterWeb to a PC. In other words, my college student spawn can now control (and fight over as only one can use it at a time) the upstairs television from their dorm rooms in Manhattan and Charlottesville.

The wife’s irrational allergy to blue ethernet cables snaking over doors and across rain gutters forced me to Best Buy to purchase the Sling wireless connection doo-hickey thingy that uses the house’s electrical system as an extension of the LAN. Set up was a pig, some serious manual configuration inside of the router, with UDP and TCP and Port settings abounding.

But four hours later and I was watching men in orange Grunden’s pound the ice off the pilothouse in the Bering Straits on a pee-cee.

For people like me who spend a good amount of time in hotel rooms fighting the urge to spend $15 for a bad movie on LodgeNet (aka, Spank-a-vision; aka “You-Can’t-Expense-It), Slingbox is a good idea for boob-tube on the road. Now, if I only watched television … but I do have a personal programmer in the form of son Eliot, the third-year film major at NYU who spends hours searching for the world’s best movies on Tivo and stores dozens of them on the machine.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. You are most assuredly NOT an utter geek David — just a man who wants his entertainment appropriately served! As for me, I spent the entire holiday week attempting to understand Mac’s/iTunes confusing system for storing movies — I had multiple copies showing up in various places and clogging my scarce Apple TV hard drive space. I finally got it all organized so a few hundreds films are now available for streaming on a de facto media server. My wife thought THAT was geeky, until I was able to stream Ed Wood Jr/’s “Glen or Glenda” for her.

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