Flickr uploader has gone flaky

The new uploader for Flickr photos — installed this weekend on my replacement tablet — is not performing up to expectations, nor is as effective as the last version which was quick, dependable, and simple. The new one — which has more pre-upload tagging capabilities, fails a lot during upload sessions. It’s taken me about six attempts to move a set up from New Year’s Day.

I remain a big Flickr fan and proselytize it to everyone with a digital camera, but some colleagues are beefing about how hard it is to share private photos with non-Flickr users, and others are equally passionate about other services such as SmugMug.

I need to do some serious culling on my library. Too much blurry crap up there as I tend to photograph in the even-a-blind-squirrel-can-find-a-nut school of picture taking.

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