Flickr uploader has gone flaky

The new uploader for Flickr photos — installed this weekend on my replacement tablet — is not performing up to expectations, nor is as effective as the last version which was quick, dependable, and simple. The new one — which has more pre-upload tagging capabilities, fails a lot during upload sessions. It’s taken me about six attempts to move a set up from New Year’s Day.

I remain a big Flickr fan and proselytize it to everyone with a digital camera, but some colleagues are beefing about how hard it is to share private photos with non-Flickr users, and others are equally passionate about other services such as SmugMug.

I need to do some serious culling on my library. Too much blurry crap up there as I tend to photograph in the even-a-blind-squirrel-can-find-a-nut school of picture taking.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. I have had the same problem for quite some time now and can only upload small batches at a time. At first I did not have this problem. Not sure if it is a lack of memory on my machine or what…..I am now uploading 10 Megapixel pictures which could have something to do with it.

  2. Tim Daloisio – Managing Director at Boathouse Consulting, LLC. Substitute teacher. Often found talking Red Sox @dwsportsboston where I host a podcast (@dbtrpod).
    Tim says:

    I have had the same problem. I like some of the 3.0 uploader features. Being able to sort photos before they upload out of order into the photostream is most desirable for me. But the failed uploads really put a crimp in it’s core purpose.

  3. Okay, good, I am not alone. I should google up to see if others are beefing. Flickr needs to fix — the uploader is essential to the experience

  4. Flickr has fallen out of favor for me ever since logging on and finding the dreaded “you’ve run into the limits of a free account” and only will show my most recent 200 photos. That’s not much at all

    I miss the old Yahoo Photos I used to use before I was forcefully migrated over. If Yahoo mail can give me unlimited storage for free, why can’t Flickr?

  5. The storage is free, it’s the amount you can upload per month that isn’t. What’s your Flickr account name? I’ll give you a pro account.

  6. I was quick to install the new uploader 3.0, but the experience is a mixed bag:
    I like the ability to add tags and edit more info before the upload, and especially I like the alphabetical sorting of the sets (finding one in the previous version was horrendeous), but that’s it about the positive sides.
    The new version 3.0 is bloated and slow. 2.0 was small and did not cover the desktop, but now the new version takes so much space – could have been designed to be much more compact and space efficient.
    But worst: it does not work ok. Cannot login anymore from my work where a firewall and a proxy is in place (worked before ok with 2.0): just get “signing into Flickr…”, then nothing.
    Also stops more often during uploads.
    Also, when I started it once, nothing happened – until I noticed that for some reason it had started minimised, and the icon was down in the toolbar…

    This uploader needs to be smaller, slimmer, and more robust.

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