Making Sense of 210 Million Chinese Internauts

Making Sense of 210 Million Chinese Internauts : techblog86
David Feng’s techblog86 has some interesting stats on Chinese internet use:

• December 2005: 111 million Internet users in China
• June 2006: 123 million
• December 2006: 137 million
• June 2007: 162 million
• December 2007: 210 million

The Pocket PDA

It’s been a while since I’ve said anything about lifehacking — the art of getting things done efficiently through an almost martial arts approach to calendars, inboxes, and to-do lists. There are far wiser voices than I — David Allen’s 43 folder approach is one I looked at and rejected as too paper based — and some make for pretty interesting reads I highly recommend.

The heart and soul of my to-do list is the 3×5″ index card and its leather companion, the pocket ….I don’t know what to call it …. leather sleeve? pocket PDA? I these little wallet-like leather sleeves hold about ten blank cards, a few business cards, hotel room keys, subway cards …. and look quite spiffy poking out of one’s shirt pocket if I must say so.

I got into the habit of carrying one thanks to my best friend, a surgeon who is constantly in need of something to jot down information on the fly. I’ve gone through three or four — ranging from fancy alligator skin ones to my current clunky, but heavy-duty Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase.

So, if your New Year’s Resolution was to get your you-know-what together, this is a good start.

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