Seeking a shave

I’ve never had a real, hot-towel, straight-edge razor barber shave and after two weeks of giving my face a break from the daily scraping, I want one.

But after a few phone calls I guess the concept is dead, done in by disposable razors and unisex salons and the passing of a generation that went into the woods for a week, came out, and took a single bath every Saturday night. Where has Floyd the barber gone?

I know there is a place in New York City — The Art of Shaving — that gets raves, but here on Cape Cod, alas, there is nothing but my 12-bladed Turbo vibrating Gillette razor and a can of blue goo.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Bubbi,
    If you only knw who this post struck home. I treated myself to a barber’s straight razor shave last weekend up in Azusa. Herb The Redneck Barber shaved me for free ( I did tip him $2.00). I started going to Herb when I was a quasi-redhead kid of about nine and he would give me a crew cut for $1.35. His shop was where I fell in love with male americana: mounted snarling javelina jeads, with razor edged hunting arrow protruding through their necks, tongue lolling deer heads with adjustable glass eyes that you’d move to focus on a specific chair in the shop( thud freaking the bejesus out of little kids seated in the chair who would sudden;y notice they were being stared at by a dead deer) and of course back issues of men’s magazine’s with title like “I saved Viking Princesss From Nazi SeaWolves” and cover artwork showing a scantily clad Nowegian peasant lass being spirited away from the conning tower of a Nazi Untersesboat by strong armed sailors.
    Ah the joys of the men’s barbershop and the smell of Lilac Vegetal, Pomeade for your crewcut, and later in life the feeling of a close shave that left your face baby-ass smoth and soft for eight hours.

  2. it’s something you should definitely do. the last time i was in Vegas, i forgot my razor and instead of buying one there i treated myself to a shave at The Art of Shaving, and it was worth every penny. the spa aspects were a bit much, but the shave itself was outstanding.

  3. There’s a few websites out there that cater to double-edged razor products, including everything you need for an authentic old-school shave. Various DE straight razors, face brushes (or whatever they’re called) ranging from cheap synthetic material to genuine porcupine needles (IIRC), and foaming kits that range from just foam to a true hot later kit.

    I’ve wanted to get one of those and shave the good ol’ way. I hear it’s not too tricky as long as you go slow.

  4. A quick yelp out finds one likely possibility in Boston and a few more around the area…

    State Street Barbers
    4 star rating
    based on 19 reviews
    Rating Details »

    Category: Barbers [Edit]
    Neighborhood: South End
    1313 Washington St
    (between Leland Pl & Rollins St)
    Boston, MA 02118
    (617) 753-9990

  5. Next time you’re in Seattle, I’ll take you down to the Pike Place market for a man’s shave, done by a lady! Leather strop, straight razor, hot towels, brushed foam; 19th century indulgence in the city of Micro-hoo, Star-betch, Amazon, Boeing & relentless 21st century growth, oh and rain…

  6. When you are in Seattle you must truly stop bye Valentines it is hand down one of the best mens grooming salon I have ever been through! I had gotten the Extravagant Shave that is so out of this world! They put you in a leather recliner as they shave you shave oil and cream, hot towels, straight razor, ect. With it came with a hand massage as well as a facial massage… Now I have had some incredible shave in Chicago at Trufitt and Hill as well as the Mark Mathew in Studio City and I must say this has topped them all… I believe it is in n. Seattle about five to ten minutes outside downtown Seattle. You will absolutely be taken back in time.

    Happy Hunting-

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