Building the Perfect Laptop – Lenovo makes the cover of Businessweek

Building the Perfect Laptop

Businessweek has put us on the cover of their latest issue; Steve Hamm writes about the development of our forthcoming ThinkPad, the X300. This is the first notebook I’ve had serious lust for since I coveted my first T1000 Toshiba (the Intel 8088 with a floppy drive and a handle like a suitcase) back in 1988. It may well be, indeed, the “perfect laptop.” This is a computer that has to be held to be understood. A remarkable piece of engineering. Congratulations to the ThinkPad team and its designer, David Hill, who is also the first Lenovo blogger.

“At Lenovo, Hill and his colleagues have a lot riding on the X300, part of its ThinkPad line of computers. The Chinese company bought IBM’s (IBM) money-losing, $10 billion PC business in 2005 with hopes of using it to build a prominent global brand. IBM’s ThinkPad had long been a favorite of executives and business travelers, but it lost cachet over the years. The goal now with the X300 is to deliver a machine that will burnish Lenovo’s reputation worldwide. “We want to send the message that if there’s a company in the industry that can continuously develop the most inventive and best-quality products with efficiency, it will be Lenovo,” says Chairman Yang Yuanqing.”

The podcast is worth a listen.

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