Opening Day

Ten days until opening day for the Red Sox and I thought I’d confess my return to the Sox after regaining the zeal like a classic rainy day fan in 2004 when they broke the curse.

I was an old school Sox freak, back in the mid-60s, when the 1967 Sox lost the World Series to St. Louis and started a forty year tradition of disappointing me and a few million other people each and every fall.

The final straw was 1986, when that retard John McNamara left Bill Buckner in the sixth game against the Mets so Bill could be on the field to celebrate when the Sox won the series.


For the next 18 years I literally would avert my eyes, change the channel, turn the page, or excuse myself if the words “Red Sox” came anywhere in my vicinity. I gave up. The rage attack I displayed when Buckner dropped the ball was so profoundly primal that I had to stop watching for my own health.

It took a freak-a-zoid son who is an ultra fan to drag me back into the game,
So, with ten days to go, and on the eve of that other classic Massachusetts Milestone — Evacuation Day (the Suffolk County holiday commemorating the day the British abandoned Boston under the threat of George Washington’s guns on Dorchester Heights, and which coincidently falls on St. Patrick’s Day, a nice benefit for all those city woikers who need their green beer) I present to you three good Sox Blogs:

1.  Wicked Clevah: From Stephen O’Grady at Redmonk, is this side-blog with a high obsessive compulsive humor factor.

2. Joy of Sox: very, very funny.  The Nickname Guide is essential reading.

3. Surviving Grady: courtesy of O’Grady, this is by far one of the funniest things I’ve read.

“Arch” — what two film students with two FlipCams can do

A few weekends ago my son and his NYU buddy came to the Cape for some R&R and Guitar Hero. Beset with cabin fever they went looking for the household digital video camera, a tape-based Sony, but I suggested they use a FlipCam — the $150 device that has a USB jack and is drop dead simple. They scoffed, but four hours later, using Microsoft Movie Maker — they came up with this.

Any thing that scores Eno’s Music for Airports is okay in my book. No seagulls were harmed in the making — that’s actually a pretty recent kill — there’s lots of dead seabirds in the highwater line in February, probably the toughest month of the year to be a seagull. That, and characters talking in hillbilly accents shooting arrows and riding in a 5-series BMW …..

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