Launch day

I impulsively got the boat in the water today. Didn’t wait to paint the bottom. Just gave the battery a quick charge, screwed a skid plate into the skeg of the dinghy, spliced on a new paintaer, hooked it all up to the back of the car and ten minutes later discovered my new Stearns waders had a leak in the right boot.

Boat started right up, slick as could be, so I towed the dinghy out to the mooring (still in summer mode without a winter stick because I stayed in the water so late last December the mooring guy could’nt service it), tied it off with a bowline on a bight, then tightened down my hat, zipped up snug and floored the Honda for a quick tour of the three bays.

I brought the Flip cam and even tried some narrated tour for those faithful readers who have no clue what Cape Cod looks like in late March. The wind noise is wicked and the image is all over the place.

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