Newspaper revenues take biggest plunge on record

Ouch! Newspaper revenues take biggest plunge on record | Tech news blog – CNET

Uncle Fester points us at this grim news:

“Total print advertising revenue last year dropped 9.4 percent to $42 billion from the year before, according to the Newspaper Association of America. That’s the biggest decrease since the NAA began measuring ad expenditures in 1950.

“Total advertising revenue, including online revenue, decreased 7.9 percent in 2007 from the year before.”

I want to see the percentage state of online revenue in the newspaper industry — that last paragraph infers a decline in online revenue for newspapers, which I know is not the case in the UK at least.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. David Rogers – New York City and beyond – David Rogers is a speaker, author and globally recognized leader on brands and digital strategy. At Columbia Business School, he is faculty director of Digital Marketing Strategy programs for executives, and founder of the BRITE conference on brands, innovation, and technology. His most recent book is “The Network Is Your Customer: 5 Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age.” He consults to startups and Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries, enabling them to build effective digital strategies to engage customers and drive business results. David tweets at @david_rogers and blogs at
    David Rogers says:

    Hi David,

    If you check the CNET article, there’s a link to the data from the Newspaper Association of America — which answers your question.

    **Online ad revenue grew 18.80% in the last year.

    It was just a much smaller piece ($3.166 billion) than the print total ($42.209 billion), hence the overall decline of 7.9%.

    See the full break-out 1950-2007 at:

    Thanks for alerting me to these stats!

    David Rogers
    Columbia Business School
    founder, Brite conference

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