Corporate employee blogs: Lawsuits waiting to happen?

Corporate employee blogs: Lawsuits waiting to happen? | Tech news blog – CNET
Tip of the hat to Chris Kobran for this link to a recent CNET story about a Cisco patent dude getting sued by some patent attorneys after the Cisco guy uncloaked his anonymous authorship of a personal blog about patent stuff:

“Cisco said it still believes “common sense” should be a guiding force for employees sharing information online, but it also added the following rule to its three-year-old Internet postings policy: “If you comment on any aspect of the company’s business or any policy issue the company is involved in where you have responsibility for Cisco’s engagement, you must clearly identify yourself as a Cisco employee in your postings or blog site(s) and include a disclaimer that the views are your own and not those of Cisco.”

Seems pretty clear to me what the dominant rule is: blog about whatever you want on your own time, but if you talk about the company you identify yourself as an employee. Sames goes for company related comments on other blogs, editing of corporate, competitor or industry related Wiki entries, forum postings, bathroom graffiti …..

Sweet home Clamabama was never sung like this

I was twittering with Sam Flemming at CIC (Chinese buzz/WOM monitoring consultancy) a couple weeks ago. He was singing karaoke someplace in China, and posted the tweet that he just sang “Sweet Home Alabama” — which sounded like enough of a cultural disconnect that I had to reply that here in Cotuit, I have heard “Sweet Home Clamabama” sung at drunken boatshop parties. Then John Dodge, former colleague from PC Week, send along this beauty.

The Russian Red Army Men’s Choir doing their best Lynryd cover: with the well coiffed Leningrad Cowboys

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