A VC: We Need A New Path To Liquidity

A VC: We Need A New Path To Liquidity
Fred Wilson comments on the dance of the elephants around Yahoo and bemoans it:

“The Internet is decomposing into a vast array of micro-services that we, the end user, stitches together to make our own unique web experience. It is the de-portalization of the Internet and it is very real. And yet, these large behemoths are trying to do their normal consolidation play on the Internet. First of all, it’s not going to work. They are destroying value with all of their M&A efforts and the bigger they get, the more value they will destroy, for them and their shareholders.”

This confirms a statement I made in a presentation yesterday that the web is exploding into a set of micro-apps and out of the browser (but often staying in the browser), that I have to stitch together. The degree of choice and customization (and complexity) confronting a user has never been higher, and yet …

Fred notes del.icio.us is falling off since being acquired by Yahoo, same story with Feedburner at Google.

O’Regan on Marketing in a Downturn


“Sure, it’s common sense that you need to continue to entice customers to buy your product or service at a time when they are less likely to do so. But the reality is, when sales are tanking, something has to give, and usually it’s the marketing budget. Why? Because marketers have the most trouble justifying their investments. (So, to a lesser extent, does IT, which is why you see similar headlines proclaiming, “Don’t stop investing in IT during a downturn!” Same message, different audience.) They’re not equipped to say, “If we stop advertising, our sales will drop X%.” By speaking in generalities, marketing becomes vulnerable to any belt-tightening effots to offset falling revenues.”

Personal Technology – WSJ.com

Personal Technology – WSJ.com

Three-Bays Pier Ban passed for 18 months

Around Barnstable – Barnstable, MA – Wicked Local Barnstable
It’s a start:

“Barnstable town councilors unanimously approved a shellfish overlay district for areas of Cotuit Bay, West Bay, North Bay and Nantucket Sound. The approval finally came after many months of discussions and many amendments were made to the original proposal. The proposed ad hoc committee to be appointed by the town manager will stay in the approved ordinance. Bulkheads will not be affected by the 18-month pier ban. A sunset clause proposed by councilor Greg Milne was defeated. The new ordinance also requests review and simultaneous comparison of the coastal management study that was completed in 1990.”

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