Demo or die …

So our CEO is on CNBC last night, talking about the super skinny X300, and he lets it be known that it is spill resistant. There is actually a drain built into the machine to funnel liquids out of the machine and away from the electronics. I have never had occasion to find out if it works.
The co-anchor says, “I’ve got a bottle of water right here …”

Our CEO — a former college wrestler (Lehigh) not known for backing away from a challenge — picks up the machine and says, “Try it.”

The TV guy starts pouring away, CEO yanks the machine back, saying in effect, “I didn’t say give it a bath!” The machine is soaked. Not just the keyboard, but the entire bottom half of the machine.
Discussion goes on, then they decide to push the power button and see what happens. Drumroll please. The machine lights up. All is beautiful, high fives all around.

Here’s the video.

Henry Blodget, Redeemed?

Henry Blodget, Redeemed?

Here! Here! I must chime in with my respects to Blodget for his redemption. When he first popped back onto the scene a few years ago like a bad echo from bad days I was predisposed to sneer and say, nah, he’s painted with the Big Stink. No more. Silicon Alley Insider is a serious piece of work that is high in my reader. Roben Farzad writes on

“So I must tell you, I now admire Henry Blodget—for his audacious reincarnation as a tech and media blogger and author. I find his work indispensably frank, stuff you see all too rarely from an ex-insider.”

And the skinny winner is ….

Thanks to Tim Dalosio (Red Sox blogger first, CNET dude second) for getting this prime piece of video up and embeddable on YouTube:

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