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Jeremiah’s Tweet that Avenue A has trademarked “social influence marketing” prompted me to ask rhetorically if the shark had been jumped. My good buddy Mark Cahill posted:

“What I am finding is that most of the people I am finding in my general circle on Twitter are social media types. That’s to say, folks that attend a lot of conferences, and have generally drank fully of the social media Kool-Aid. The thing that calls it all into question for me is the number of people who are generally ex-online marketing folks now using strange titles like “Social Media User Guru” or something equally ludicrous. It reminds me of a networking group I once attended that turned out to be a room full of sales people, each hoping to sell something, and none realizing there weren’t any real customers there.”

Amen Mark. Lots of sharks chasing very few fish I think.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Thanks David…

    I didn’t attribute the shark reference, figuring I’d probably get filleted online for the comments and thinking I’d save you the backlash. And heck, you’re still dealing with second life…;-)

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