Lost phone

Somewhere on the 6th floor of the NYC Googleplex, in the marker tray of a whiteboard, sits a silent Blackberry Pearl plugged into a wall.

I read somewhere that for some Europeans the loss of a phone is considered to be the loss of one’s network, of one’s social circle, an occasion for great angst and loathing.

Me? Happy as can be. Off I go to AT&T tomorrow to get me one of the big boy sized blackberries. The old one, which lost the latch to its battery cover, was ratty with scotch tape and is now dead to me.

Until then, I am a landline kind of guy.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Buyers beware. I recently transitioned from a Pearl to a Curve (blackberry 8310) as pearl was on its last leg and I wanted a full QWERTY keyboard. My curve’s coverage (dead spots and voice quality) is worse than my Pearl’s coverage. I am ready to make another switch, but dreading another transition. Recommend either a non-Curve solution or don’t over commit yourself to new phone until you test coverage.

  2. Matt -Thanks. Timely advice. I wanted to go full Qwerty and indeed the Curve looked like the one. I need to look at the BB lineup and do more research before plunging in.

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