Next haircut …

May 1999, I spent two weeks in Paris, renting a flat on Ile St. Louis behind Notre Dame. Whenever I needed a new book I went to Shakespeare & Company on the Left Bank and bought something from George Whitman, the man in the video above. He was a hoot, a literary legend who let starving writers live in the bookstore in exchange for cooking and sweeping out. Apparently you did not want to get on George’s bad side. Fortunately I managed to stay on his good side, but not good enough to get a demo of his haircut technique.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Cheeses Crispos! I bet he never used hair spray to hols his ‘do together, Can you imagine what this video would have looked like if he had a big ass bouffant natural ‘do?

    Jim F
    from Microsnots Silliycon Valley Campus

  2. Hey, Jim Hill! – Cape Cod – Flaming Snot Rockets! Mild mannered designer by day. Children's book writer and illustrator by night.
    Jim says:

    Holy Dread Dormammu! Now I know where Ditko got the character design.

    I had the same thought, Jim Forbes, a little “product” in the hair and *poof* burnt q-tip. People are endlessly fascinating.

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