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Aaron Pressman is an occasional commenter here and reporter at Businessweek up in and around Boston. His blog is a fine thing. Some good gadget geekery and nice photography here and there. Nothing like a pro’s writing to make you appreciate the difference from an average blahg:

“I’m Aaron Pressman, a professional journalist, but this is my personal blog. Hopefully, it’s a bit better organized than my home office. I’m also a gadget hound, a dad, a step-dad and a no-longer-suffering Red Sox fan (but, I guess, a now-painfully-suffering Patriots fan). You can see some of the paid writing I’ve done over the years, mainly about tech and finance, on my personal site. “

Sailing in the park

monkey language

I looked at this from my yard all weekend. (That’s my place in the back ground.) It’s a big old sail that an artist, Michael Marisi Orenstein painted.

“This fully functional sail is close to 100 feet long. It will be installed and exhibited this weekend as part of ArtAgua in Cotuit, Ma.”

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