David Hill, Lenovo’s VP of design, just sent me a link to cool site that associates the first thing that pops into your head when you see a brand logo. This is from Lacoste — the tennis shirt company with the little alligator logo. See the logo, what do you think of? I think “preppy.” Register and you can see what other people have tagged the brand as. This is a cool thing.

A little experiment ….

Yesterday one of my colleagues told me I’m in the top five highest users of the company’s employee purchase program — essentially the discount I get for buying PCs from Lenovo.

There is a limit to the number of times one can hit this program. It is meant for “family and friends” which I take liberally to mean anyone I see sitting on an airplane, train, park bench, or alone on a couch at a birthday party. Mac vs. PC? Here’s my discount code. Sick of the virus infested rowboat anchor your cat wouldn’t use as a litter box? Here’s my discount code.

My first year at the company I moved maybe 15 PCs. Now?  Who knows. But I once won a monitor for my efforts and free is good. I don’t suspect there are any internal contests running right now, but as a naughty experiment I tweeted my passcode yesterday in front of my colleague and boasted I would be the Man in a week.

Hmm. Now doubt and remorse have set in. We had an employee discount code go viral – and hosed the system so badly that the affected orders were known by his last name as we worked through the backlog. I hope not to become public enemy number one of the Employee Purchase Program team, but hey, a sale is a good thing. Right?

No. I won’t post the code here. This is a test of twitter — not blogs.  Posting the code here would be an automatic discount for anybody lazy enough to search for the info.  I deleted the tweet as well. So let’s see if 16 hours of visibility among my 270 followers (I have followers, I can summon them with a dog whistle which is inaudible to human ears and they come staggering out of the corn fields, arms outstretched, moaning) is enough to get me in trouble with the EPP lords.

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