0 thoughts on “My new title: Global NMDB”

  1. Wow.

    That’s you. It’s so perfect. For me, oh so close, BUT…

    I don’t twitter, twaddle, twink, or tweet. I will not write them; Lame I am.

    skype or d’lisch or doppler neither

    I leave to the douches to tweeter

    facebook, my space, and all the rest

    web 2.0 is one big mess

    I blog a bit from time to time but all the rest

    the new media douche bags do it best

  2. nicholasamiller – I'm a regular chap destined for UNC Law in August 2009. I hope to document the time prior to law school, my journey once there and eventually my career as an attorney. I am interested in new media law, e-discovery and IP.
    Nick says:

    New media pros are the reality TV show stars of yore. Instant fame and no real talent. Ride the lightning while it lasts cowboys. (Alas, I couldn’t turn that into a rhyme like Unde Fester.)

  3. Does this mean you can move to Monaco and get a nice satle with a view of the Med?

    Say the wowrd bud and I’ll Jet Blue east and lend my back to the move. i always wanted to see what the tuna fishing was like off Sardinia.
    Oh I”m one small yellowfin into the 2008 thunnoid season.


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