Whereabouts week 6.9

Back from Bangalore, taking Monday off to get some recovery in and perhaps seek a chiropractor to go after the torn serratus muscle in my back that makes me feel like a javelin target every time I sneeze. Tuesday through Friday in Cotuit, then Raleigh next week for meetings and that summer climate I miss so much (John Battelle coming to talk to the marketing teams about conversational marketing).

As soon as I get to the Cape, it’s the work out of the day, a green salad, and maybe a twilight expedition for a bluefish or two. Bengaluru was excellent this trip – very productive meeting with our emerging market teams, the stuff that made the company so cool to begin with, now to make it happen.

David Hill is the #19 Most Influential Person in Mobile Technology

David Hill is the #19 Most Influential Person in Mobile Technology

Some linkage to one of my favorite peers at Lenovo, David Hill. This from laptopmag.com.

“In mobile technology, slim and light is a grail thatâ€s forever receding, because what was last yearâ€s impossibly trim is todayâ€s status quo. This year, Lenovo has set the pace. Hill is the chief designer behind the ThinkPad X300, a laptop that pushes the envelope by literally fitting into it, just like Appleâ€s MacBook Air. A black yin to Appleâ€s yang, Hillâ€s creative risk-taking paved the way to a machine that packs more of the punch business users demand (removable battery, optical drive, built-in mobile broadband) into a remarkably compact and lightweight chassis, setting a new target for the competition.”