Making the frontpage with my gastro-intestinal issues

Pretty sure they are talking about me — except they got my age wrong  by a year.  Slow news day on Cape Cod when the lead item is about my anonymous butt.

“Officials at the state and county level declined to comment on the Cape town that has reported a salmonella case, or the individual who was affected, citing privacy laws. The only detail provided was that the sickened individual is a 49-year-old man from Barnstable County”

I want a set of the dead bug ear rings.

Fortune 499

Lenovo makes the Fortune 500 — at 499 — for the first time.

That makes it official — I now work for a big company.

Lively ….

In Tokyo and I started to mess with Google’ s virtual world: Lively.

First impressions — not bad. At least the client is a browser. I’ll play some more and opine later. It seems to be organized around a “chatroom” model, the nav is pretty basic. And somehow I ended up on a couch in the sky.

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