A little Tokyo randomness

I love random-list posts. They are the lazy blogger’s key to productivity – lots of loosely linked stuff in one fast post.

1. In a few hours I depart Tokyo to return to Cape Cod. I leave at 4:40 pm on Friday and I arrive at 7:30 pm on … Friday. I should hit Cotuit by nine pm in a complete state of dysfunction.

2. Very productive round of meetings here. The Lenovo interactive team accompanied me.

Jim Hazen, Nicole Estebanelle, David Barbara

3. I ate well. Very well. The Japan team took us out to dinner last night and I ate some interesting dishes. Let’s say the highlight was the fat from the back of a horse’s neck.

4. No time for sightseeing. A quick stroll around the hotel gardens and that was that. I want to write a book on how to be a power-tourist for business travellers. If you have three hours to spare in Tokyo, here’s the deal. I am serious. I am the master of milking the most out of a city in the shortest amount of time. First rule — you ain’t going to see anything in your hotel room. Get out and walk.

5. Very interested in the role of newspaper in Japanese marketing. That, in a nutshell, is the challenge that brought me here.

6. Jumping rope is the best form of travelling exercise I have ever discovered. I’m using a “hyperperformance” speed rope from Buddy Lee.

7. Dress code. Pretty funny. The Japanese dress well in the office.

That’s all for now. Big post to write on the flight about our Olympic blogging program which is on fire and taking off better than expected. So — next week Raleigh for some meetings, then back to the Cape for a little breather before  Beijing.

Welcome to the Internet

Dell blogs that the company has opened up social nets to its employees.

Um. You mean they couldn’t before? Sorry, but we’ve been YouTubing and Flickring from the get-go at Lenovo and haven’t felt compelled to honk our horn about it. The Lenovo segment on Facebook is huge.  Welcome to the social ……

Dell Opens Up Social Media Sites to All Employees

Several weeks back, Dell as a company made a decision to give our employees access to social media sites. Todd Dwyer blogged about Facebook being open to Dell employees, …..

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