Cicada Problem on Cape Cod Sure to Have Lasting Effects

The trees look skanky around here. Now I know why. The cicadas. They are gone, not to return for 17 years, but they left their mark.

The cicadas have come and gone, but not without leaving their mark on Cape Cod. The insects have caused more damage to area trees than anyone expected, marring thousands of oak trees from parts of Centerville to Mashpee.

The trees in Cotuit, Sandwich, Bourne and East Falmouth look like they are diseased and dying.

Cicada Problem on Cape Cod Sure to Have Lasting Effects | ABC 6 | South Eastern Massachusetts.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Had the pleasure of working on a grounds crew during Cincinnati’s 13-year infestation (say ’86 or ’87).

    Cicadas are attracted to humming noises like those made by, say, lawn tractors and weedeaters.

    When they land, say, on the pants leg of a person wielding such a humming instrument, their impulse is to climb upwards.

    An unforgettable summer.

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