Imagethief : E-Z steps to make your own Beijing air at home

What would life be without Will Moss, aka the Imagethief? This is his simple set of directions on how to make your own Beijing Air in August. I have the Yorkshire terrier and my son smokes Parliaments …..

“Here is what you will need:

* A serving plate.

* Large bowl that can be used to cover the serving plate.

* A bucket of water.

* A Yorkshire terrier, Pekingese or similar small dog (at a pinch, a dog pelt can be used, but a whole dog is more reliable). Important: If the dog is wearing a metallic collar or tags, remove them.

* A packet of bad cigarettes. Ideally, Chinese Red Pagodas. But at a pinch, Gitanes or Parliaments will do.

* A non-metallic ashtray.

* A turd.

* A microwave oven.

…”Imagethief : E-Z steps to make your own Beijing air at home.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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