SitePoint Blogs » 15 Companies That Really Get Corporate Blogging

Some shameless horn honking. Sitepoint named Lenovo to its list of companies that get the whole blogging thing.

“Below is a list of 15 companies that really get corporate blogging and produce blogs that are informative, fascinating, and a joy to read even for people who aren’t die-hard fans of the company. ..

Lenovo – The great collection of blogs from computer maker Lenovo demonstrate that the company really understands blogging. Lenovo intersperses posts about its product line with musings about business, design, life, and technology. Definitely don’t miss the Design Matters blog, which should be a must-read for any designer.”

We’re in great company — Dell, Sun, Adobe, 37Signals…..

SitePoint Blogs » 15 Companies That Really Get Corporate Blogging.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. David, This is a great news. Your vision for Lenovo blogging made this possible. I personally owe a lot to you for getting me to be the first Lenovo blogger. David

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