Row2k Coverage: Olympic Games Blog

Row2k Coverage: Olympic Games Blog.

I just discovered Row2K’s blog. Ed Hewitt delivers the best rowing coverage anywhere, anytime (and I send him a PayPal payment from time to time to keep Row2K rolling).

Anyway, he has Brad Lewis (gold, LA 1984, Assault on Lake Casitas) Xeno Mueller (Gold, Atlanta 96, Silver ’00, Iron Oarsman) guest blogging from Beijing and Shunyi.  Man I wish I could join them. I am starting to get frantic to get out of the basement of the Hyatt and out to the venue to see some serious rowing!

Oh well, here to work, not to spectate.

Flaming doofus

Taken at our product showcase on the Olympic Green yesterday. Have a choice of three backgrounds. Great Wall. Bird’s Nest. Water Cube.

Operating on minimal sleep now. No time to be intelligent. Photos uploading now.

Opening On Steroids: Fake Fireworks, Mimed Singing – Thomas Crampton

Turns out that Zhang Yimou used a few “Performance Enhancing” techniques to achieve that dazzling Olympics opening ceremony:

Opening On Steroids: Fake Fireworks, Mimed Singing – Thomas Crampton.

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