Flaming doofus

Taken at our product showcase on the Olympic Green yesterday. Have a choice of three backgrounds. Great Wall. Bird’s Nest. Water Cube.

Operating on minimal sleep now. No time to be intelligent. Photos uploading now.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. It’s neat that you’re there and you’re fdortunate not to be dressed as a Sanrio charactyer. How come there’s no pen in your pocket or shirt placket.
    Part of the problem is having to study in the kitchen growing up was also watching MsForbes sew. hence i know about plackts, how material should drape, and most of all Never ,ever, ever get caught using your mother’s pinking sheers to cut metal from 7-Up or Coca Cola cans for homemade feshwater lures.


  2. continuousbeta – Pete Spande has been in the media industry since the mid-90's. He's sold advertising, managed product teams, run editorial organizations, and blogs whenever he can. Pete is currently is Chief Revenue Officer for Business Insider.
    Pete Spande says:

    So cool. I’d love to be there and experience the scene.

  3. Ladies & gentleman, may I present the torchbearer for the Olympic pillow biting team! Kidding aside, your posts have been awsome & the rowing has been thrilling. The Canadian coverage has been superlative & live, though I had to stay up to midnight to catch the men’s & women’s eights heats. (weather delays) Get CBC to buy some Lenovo adds. I need the Lenovo gnome for my yard!

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